The words of an old hymn teach us to pray that God would "tune our hearts to sing Thy praise." At the beginning of the new year, we return to a study of the book of Psalms. These precious, inspired poems are songs that God uses to give us a "heart tune-up." We will explore two different psalms each week, one on Sunday morning, and another on Wednesday nights. This current series is titled, "Heart Songs for a New Year," and will cover psalms 34-45. Read ahead, and join us as we fill our hearts with God's word.

There's no better time than the beginning of the year to consider how we can regularly seek to receive the Word of God. The following activities are excellent ways of committing ourselves to the Scriptures and their authority in our lives:

  • Regular, Thoughtful Attendance at Public Worship: Our participation in public worship is a means of hearing and learning the Word, and this action of the gathered church is a powerful symbol of our shared submission to Scripture.
  • Personal/Family Scripture Reading: Reading through the Bible using a method such as the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan (see the link to the right) helps us develop a good bird's-eye-view of Scripture.
  • Concentrated Study: It is wise to balance the bird's-eye-view reading described above with the slower, deeper reading of Scripture or the study of a specific topic related to Christian faith and life. It can be especially powerful to meet with others to study, to share the fruits of our private reading, and to encourage one another in the faith. As you seek materials to help in such concentrated study, you may want to begin with the New City Catechism or the Daily Devotional linked to the right.
  • Bible Memory: In memorizing Scripture we seek to use God's own words to internalize truths that are crucial to our faith and Christian life. See "A Year of Bible Memory" to the right.

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Happy reading!