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Friday, 12 January 2018 00:18

Psalm Study Schedule

Psalms 34-45: Heart Songs for the New Year


Sermon Text & Title



Jan 7

Ps 34 Taste and See that the Lord is Good

Jan 10

Ps 35

Jan 14

Ps 37 Be Patient and Don’t Worry

Jan 17

Ps 36

Jan 21

Ps 39 Shadows and Sojourners

Jan 24

Ps 38

Jan 28

Ps 40 God, Put a New Song in My Mouth

Jan 31

Ps 41

Feb 4

Ps 42-43 Thirsting for God

Feb 7

Ps 44

Feb 11

Ps 45 Royal Wedding




Tuesday, 02 January 2018 04:24

Digging Deeper in the Psalms

The Psalms have always been a favorite part of Scripture for God's people. Many of our most-loved and frequently sung Bible passages come from the book of Psalms. No matter how often we read them, there is always something new for us to see. I'll suggest two resources that you might find useful as you explore these rich passages.

Derek Kidner has written a wonderful commentary on the Psalms. For each Psalm, he helps describe the background and answer common questions. In a concise way, the major themes are outlined. His insights are helpful, sometimes profound, and often reveals how the Psalms relate to the person and work of Jesus.  Volume 1 and volume 2 are available from Amazon.

The second resource is not a book, but other Christians. We can learn a lot by studying Scripture with other believers. On Wednesday evening, we spend time opening God's word together, sharing our insights, raising our questions, and wrestling with applications. I encourage you to come and join in the study. 

May God help us to grow as we dig deeply into the riches of His word! 


Tuesday, 02 January 2018 04:23

A New Website Experiment

This year I am trying a new experiment. I am going to start a blog on our website where I can share some things with you. Sometimes, I come across an article that want to share. This is a place where I can post a link. Once in a while, someone asks about a quote that I use in a sermon. Here, I can cite that full quotation. We'll see if it is helpful, and if its something I can keep up with.

This is all new for me. The website was one of the things Jeff Delay handled so well. Now that he has moved on to his new teaching post, we are all adapting. Beth Naegele has done a great job with extra duties. The band and other musicians have stepped wonderfully into the breach! 

My part has been to figure out how to keep the website up to date. I have learned how to post new articles, and to deal with the audio recordings of sermons and worship services. This blog in another step. Hopefully, I will put something here weekly.  Let's see how it goes!

May God bless our experiments and endeavors that bring glory to His name and good things to his people!