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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Obedience in the Midst of Impossible Acts 9:10-20 Matt Kearney 2018-08-19
Learning To Be More Teachable Romans 12:3-21 Lisle Kauffman 2018-08-12
Our Souls are Thirsty for God Psalm 63:1-11 David Eikenberry 2018-08-05
God Will Give Us Courage Psalm 60:1-12 David Eikenberry 2018-07-29
Cry Out for Justice Psalm 58:1-11 David Eikenberry 2018-07-22
Cast Your Burden on the Lord Psalm 55:1-23 David Eikenberry 2018-07-15
Restore My Joy Psalm 51:1-19 David Eikenberry 2018-07-08
Who Can Pay My Ransom? Psalm 49:1-20 David Eikenberry 2018-07-01
Be Still and Know that I am God Psalm 46:1-11 David Eikenberry 2018-06-24
Discipline and Instruction Ephesians 6:1-4 David Eikenberry 2018-06-17
Expecting the Lord James 5:7-11 Tim Rathburn 2018-06-14
Hope in God's Saving and Abiding Love Romans 8:31-39 David Eikenberry 2018-06-03
Hope in God's Sovereign Purpose Romans 8:28-30 David Eikenberry 2018-05-27
Hope in the Intercession of the Spirit Romans 8:18-27 David Eikenberry 2018-05-20
Wise Unto Salvation 2 Timothy 3:14-17 David Eikenberry 2018-05-13
Hope in Adoption Romans 8:14-17 David Eikenberry 2018-05-07
Feeding the 12,000, Teaching the 12 Mark 6:30-44 Jim Samland 2018-04-29
Hope in the Holy Spirit Living in Us Romans 8:1-13 David Eikenberry 2018-04-22
Hope in Deliverance from Sin Romans 7:13-25 David Eikenberry 2018-04-15
Hope in Freedom from the Law Romans 7:1-12 David Eikenberry 2018-04-08