Greeters (see Deacon Pat Lord)
The greeter distributes bulletins at the northwest entrance to the sanctuary (the “C. E. Entrance”) and provides a friendly welcome to worshipers as they enter the building.

Ushers (see Deacon Jennifer Cohn)
Ushers distribute bulletins at the northeast and southeast entrances, and during the worship service they collect the offering.

Welcome Table Attendants (see Jeff DeLay)
The attendant sits at the welcome table (rear of the sanctuary) before, during, and after worship, ready to answer questions and distribute informational materials.

Chancel Flowers (see Deacon Sandy Pokett)
Individuals may donate or sponsor flowers to beautify the sanctuary, and may optionally request that a tribute be printed in the bulletin (“in memory of...,” “in honor of...,” etc.).

Nursery Attendants (see Jeff DeLay)
Though infants and children are welcome at all worship services, we also provide childcare for infants and young children in our nursery.

Readers (see Pastor Eikenberry)
While our Sunday morning scripture passage is normally read by one of our Session members, others may also volunteer to read.

Audio Technicians (see Jeff DeLay)
Each week one of our audio technicians operates the sanctuary sound system.

Refreshments (see Deacon Pam Bullock)
A volunteer calendar is posted in the kitchen, where you can sign up to help prepare our Sunday morning refreshments and/or cleanup afterward.