It is expected that members of First Presbyterian Church will recognize Jesus as their King and Lord, seeking to obey him fully in all areas of life, and that they will submit to the moral and spiritual authority of the church Session. It is important that members continually pursue a better understanding and appreciation of God’s Word and that they pray regularly for the church and its members.

Church members are to place a high priority on attendance at all regular worship services. They are to seek spiritual growth through church relationships and ministries (such as discipleship groups) and they are to seek service opportunities, helping to advance the God-given mission of the church according to each person’s abilities and gifts.

The Member and Church Government
Members of First Presbyterian Church play a role in the governing of the church. At the Annual Meeting, held early in the calendar year, members vote on the approval of the church budget and other important aspects of church life. In the fall a Nominating Committee, consisting of a cross-section of the membership of the church, is assembled for the sake of recommending board members, and at a later meeting of the congregation church members vote on the committee's nominees. Occasionally other meetings of the congregation are held for special purposes.

The Member and Christian Giving
Our financial contributions support the ministry of the church by providing for staff salaries, building maintenance, and ministry expenses. A portion of our contributions is also given to our benevolences, that is, individuals and organizations involved in Christian aid work and evangelism. Contributions are normally placed in the offering plates during Sunday worship, but they may also be mailed to the church or dropped off in the church office. Members are encouraged to use the giving envelopes distributed to each family, as these envelopes are coded to help track giving and thus to facilitate the production of personalized “giving records.”

During the worship service on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (our “Pledge Sunday”), members are encouraged to submit a card indicating the amount they hope to contribute over the course of the next calendar year. While it is understood that unforeseen circumstances may cause a change in one’s giving, the practice of pledging helps church leaders to plan and to budget, and it helps members set goals for their giving.

Early in the calendar year, the EPC makes known its “Per Member Asking” amount for the year, an amount which First Presbyterian Church voluntarily sends to the EPC, multiplied by our number of members. This contribution to our denomination provides for administrative costs and helps support EPC ministries. Members are asked to consider making a contribution in addition to their regular giving to help cover this expense.