We seek to warmly welcome those who are inquiring about our practice of the Christian faith, and to be a home-away-from-home for travelers who are far from their home churches. It is also our desire to welcome into membership those who commit to walking with us as we seek and serve Christ.

Visitors are welcome at our worship services and special events, and most of our discipleship groups are open to drop-in guests. Our pastor and other leaders are also available to meet on-on-one to discuss the good news about Jesus, what it means to belong to Him, and how First Presbyterian Church seeks to serve Him. Additionally, as you investigate the faith, you may find useful an on line resource entitled "Two Ways to Live," which presents clearly and concisely the message about Jesus.

Should you choose to attend a worship service (Sundays at 9:30am), you will find parking behind the church (to the west), to the immediate north, and on the street. You may enter the building through either of the double wooden doors facing Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, or through the double glass doors located where the two wings of our building meet. Though some of us like to dress up, please know that there is no "dress code." As you enter, you can expect a friendly greeting from other attendees. Be sure to take a worship bulletin, which will help you follow the flow of the service and will have other helpful information.

Infants and toddlers may stay with their parents during the service, or you may drop them off in our nursery (see the Welcome Table attendant). Also, during the sermon (a half-hour portion of the service), children six and under who are old enough to appreciate a simple Bible story are welcome to attend our Junior Church.

You will find that our worship is ornamented with architectural, visual, and musical beauty, and with a sense of ceremony. It is our desire that ceremony and beauty will communicate the honor we wish to give God and His Word. The music used in our worship reflects the specific talents of our musicians and the tastes of our attendees. As more musicians join our fellowship, we are eager to incorporate their unique musical gifts.

See our "Public Worship" page for more information on the content of our worship services.