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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
The Coming of the King Matthew 21:1-11 David Eikenberry 2019-04-14 Jesus is King
Jesus, the "I Am the Way" John 14:1-7 Lisle Kauffman 2019-04-07 General
Christians Bless Their Enemies Romans 12:14-21 David Eikenberry 2019-03-31 Marks of a Christian
Christians Weep and Rejoice with Others Romans 12:14-16 David Eikenberry 2019-03-24 Marks of a Christian
Christians Love Zealously Romans 12:9-13 David Eikenberry 2019-03-17 Marks of a Christian
Christians Serve with Their Gifts Romans 12:3-8 David Eikenberry 2019-03-10 Marks of a Christian
Christians are Transformed Romans 12:1-2 David Eikenberry 2019-03-03 Marks of a Christian
Can I Know God Personally 1 John 1:1-10 David Eikenberry 2019-02-24 Big Questions
Is the Bible Reliable? 2 Timothy 3:10-4:5 David Eikenberry 2019-02-17 Big Questions
Is Jesus Really God? John 10:7-30 David Eikenberry 2019-02-10 Big Questions
Is Christianity Too Narrow? Matthew 7:1-29 David Eikenberry 2019-02-03 Big Questions
Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering? 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 David Eikenberry 2019-01-27 Big Questions
Is There a God? Acts 17:16-34 David Eikenberry 2019-01-20 Big Questions
Does Life Have a Purpose? Genesis 1:20-31 David Eikenberry 2019-01-13 Big Questions
Worship the King Matthew 2:1-12 David Eikenberry 2019-01-05 General